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Credential Renewal 2014

August 11, 2015



Dear Pastor, Minister:

Blessings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to you and your family! The time to renew your credentials with the Southern Pacific District is fast approaching now that the motion for a change the Credential renewal date for this year was approved by the Executive and District Presbytery last April In the past the renewal date for the General Council and the District has been during the month of December.


However this year, with the intention to help our pastors and ministers to follow the process in time and avoid paying penalties to both our District and the General Council, the renewal date for the District credentials has been moved to October 31. This new date will better serve the Credential Committee and will help our ministers with the financial burden they sometimes undergo during the month of December.


Once again, the Secretary Treasurer’s office is ready to begin the credential renewal processing for the year. In light of the recent changes made, we ask that you to please carefully review this packet before you begin your CREDENTIAL RENEWAL.

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